The Supplier Diversity Group

We guide ISM members through the principles of the Supplier Diversity process by walking them through how to incorporate those principles in their supply chain(s) and procurement strategies. Our value to suppliers and ISM Members is by, promoting awareness and the benefits to Supply Chain professionals and their companies of utilizing Supplier Diversity companies. ISM achieves this by creating connections between them.

ISM members are from various business sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables, US Government activities, Finance, Technology, Medical, and Retail. Let us be part of your success journey to improving the bottom line, positively impact the economy, and creating a safe environment by making the pie bigger for customers and suppliers.

ISM undertakes multiple supplier diversity initiatives throughout the year. Examples of such initiatives are dinner meetings, expos, for suppliers to connect to buyers, seminars, and workshops, tailored to help us achieve our supplier diversity focus and associated goals. Additionally, serving as a resource for benchmarking best practices and liaison to local supplier diversity business councils.

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Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supplier Diversity?

Supplier Diversity is a proactive business process that provides all suppliers equal access to purchasing opportunities. It promotes supplier participation within the community and encourages economic development for various products and services.

What is MBE?

A minority-owned enterprise is a for-profit business of any size located in the United States or its trust territory operated and controlled by minority class citizens Asian, black, Hispanic, or Native American. Ownership by the minority should be at least 51%.

What is WBE?

A WBE is a woman business enterprise for-profit in the United States or its trust territory, owned 51% or more, operated, and controlled by a female citizen.