What Is The Academic Partnership?

Focused at partnering with local Universities and Colleges to aid in students development and growth.

The partnerships are focused at empowering the next generation of Supply Chain professionals with interests in various disciplines of integrated  supply management.

Students are encouraged to become involved with the Institute for Supply Management Houston to:

  • Attend monthly Professional Development meetings to learn from subject matter experts on relevant supply management topics.
  • Engage and network with cross industry supply professionals from diverse Industries
  • Meet prospective  companies for internships and job opportunities
  • Create the potential to meet with existing supply professionals and seek mentorship

Our activities ensure that as a young leader you are confident in your supply chain knowledge, networking skills and problem solving abilities.

ISM Houston conducted a workshop with students at Mays Business School Texas A&M University. The following is their feedback on the value of ISM and Student membership:

  • The personal and professional development opportunities
  • The networking ability and certification program
  • Amount of businesses that are involved and how valuable the certification programs are
  • Listening to ISM today, got me excited about my future career in industry
  • I am interested in taking the exam and joining ISM
  • I did not know there was further certification in Supply Chain College
  • I would really like to learn more about the different facets of Supply chain

ISM-Houston at Texas A&M at College Station

Mays Business School

We met with Professor Xenophon and 35 of his students September 27, 2021.