ISM-Houston Director North Extension - Peter Dill

Peter Dill, MBA

Cesar Ayala

Cesar Ayala

Vice President
Richard Mejia ISM-Houston

Richard Mejia

Secretary & Chair, Emerging Professionals Group
Jay King Treasurer

Jay King, C.P.M.

David Allen Past Presidents Advisor

David Allen, MBA, C.P.M.

Past President Advisor
Sharon Malkovicz - Past President_s Forum

Sharon J. Malkovicz, C.P.M.

Past President's Forum
Mark Waddleton Strategy & Innovation Chair & Director at Large

Mark Waddleton, MBA

Strategy & Innovation Chair
Sheila Smith Admin Audits and Awards

Sheila Smith, C.P.M., A.P.P

Admin, Audit & Awards Chair
Ross Harvison Houston Business Reports

Ross S. Harvison, CPSM

Houston Business Reports
John Atasie General Meetings Chair

John Atasie, MBA

Local Director
Ryan Johnson Golf Fundraiser Co-Chair

Ryan Johnson

Local Director and Programs
Rose Berbrian Awards Chair

Rose Berberian, MBA, CPSM, CMRP

Awards, Chair
EAB Board Support

Aigerim Zimmerman

EAB Program Chair
Ikenna Ihechere Workshops and Seminars

Ikenna Ihechere

Pre-Dinner Meetings, Galleria & Workshops and Seminars
James Rosemond Marketing Chair

James Rosemond

Marketing Chair
Ryan McConnico ISM-Houston Sponsorships.

Ryan McConnico

Efrain Garcia, Officer ISM-Houston,

Efrain Garcia

Academic Partnerships Chair
Mark Diaz Professioanal Developement Chair


Professioanal Developement Chair
Moquita Quinan

Moquita Quinan

Supplier Dev. & Diversity Co-Chairs
Rohan Dubal

Rohan Dubal

Supplier Dev. & Diversity Co-Chairs
Tosin Odetola

Tosin Odetola, PE, MBA

Communications Chair
Barbara Jackson North Expansion Programs Chair

Barbara Jackson

North Expansion Programs Chair
Tenna Bell Programs Membership Growth Chair

Teena Bell, MBA

Membership Growth Chair
Ron Toomer, General Meetings Chair - N. Expansion

Ron Toomer

General Meetings Chair - N. Expansion
Marco Caminati, Professional Development Chair - N. Expansion

Marco Caminati

Professional Development Chair - N. Expansion
Paige Hicks Golf Fundraiser Co-Chair

Paige Hicks, CPSM

Special Events
Faisal Khan Membership Analytics Chair

Faisal Khan, APICS

Performance Metrics
Keith Kniskern ISM-Houston Performance Metrics

Keith Kniskern

Performance Metrics
Lissen Ney ISM-Houston Officer

Lissen Ney

Treasurer Support
Mark Dullen ISM-Houston Career Services

Mark Dullun, MBA

Career Services
Chris Chambers ISM-Houston Officer

Chris Chambers

Public Relations Chair
Carlo Viteri ISM-Houston Officer

Carlos Viteri

Chair General Meetings