Smart Oil and Gas Contract Conference May 15 and May 16

Oil And Gas Smart Contracts 2019

May 15, 2019 @ 8:00 am – May 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Houston Marriott Energy Corridor
16011 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77094
$295 - $1,695
Pam Pierce
1 855-869-4260

Oil and Gas Smart Contracts Conference 2019

Leveraging Automation to Transform Contracts for Oil and Gas

As the application of blockchain technologies builds momentum across the oil and gas industry, digital infrastructure innovations are extending towards the evolution of Smart Contracts.

As oil and gas companies look for more accurate, cost-effective and faster transaction processes with less contract disputes and minimal human intervention, there is a clear paradigm shift towards the decentralized cloud.

In summary, smart contracts are an obvious next step in the evolution of blockchain technologies for the oil and gas sector. As multiple assets pass down a complex chain before reaching their final destination, the ability to seamlessly track these exchanges and ensure automated payment release is paramount.

The Era of Smart Contracts Is Upon Us.

The Oil & Gas Smart Contracts Conference 2019 will discuss the impact of transformational technologies on the sector. Through first hand presentations and interactive discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to deep dive into the opportunities and prepare for the challenges associated with Smart Contracts.

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Areas to be covered include:

  • The future of smart contracts
  • An overview of smart contracts technologies
  • How a smart contract works in oilfield applications
  • From theory to reality: Smart contracts and workflow automation
  • Ethereum and smart contract development
  • Architecture, scalability, governance and interoperability
  • Frameworks for governance and compliance: data privacy and confidentiality
  • Methodologies to drive data analytics and fraud detection
  • Cryptocurrencies, markets and finance
  • Regulatory and standards frameworks
  • Decentralized app development

Who should attend? 

Decision makers knowledgeable in blockchain for upstream, midstream and downstream with the following areas of responsibility:

  • CTO/CIO/CFO/Chief Innovation Officer/Chief Legal Officer
  • VP/Head/Director of:
    • Finance
    • Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Supply Chain Compliance
    • Procurement
    • Emerging Technologies

Oil And Gas Smart Contracts 2019

Blockchain is here. Stay on top of it!
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