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ISM-Houston – CPSD Module 2: Essentials In Supplier Diversity – Study Review

January 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
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Houston, TX 77060
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CPSD™ (Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity®)

Building Successful Relationships – And Profits

ISM’s Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD™) certification program is one of the few that exists for this growing and much-needed specialization. Many companies engage in supplier diversity to be socially responsible or to meet customer or federal requirements, but don’t understand its true profit potential. As a CPSD, you’ll be the guiding hand with the knowledge and training to show an organization how supplier diversity can improve the bottom line and accelerate innovation by becoming more efficient and by getting exposure to new customer bases.

More Benefits to Becoming a CPSD

ROI — You’ll typically earn more than peers who don’t have a credential — on average 17% more.

PREPARED — 45% of supply management professionals currently handle diversity-related tasks.

IN DEMAND — Companies desperately need an expert to lead their supplier diversity efforts.

EFFECTIVE — You can help reduce costs and bring innovation because many smaller diverse suppliers are often more nimble and innovative than larger suppliers.

RELEVANT — The exam questions are created by supply management and diversity professionals and reflect real situations and experiences rather than relying on abstract classroom theory.

TRANSPORTABLE — Even if you change industries, your CPSD is recognized.

CURRENT — ISM periodically updates the CPSD to reflect changes in supplier diversity practices.

PRICED FAIRLY — A CPSD is competitively priced in comparison to well-known certifications.

Definition of Supplier Diversity Diversity signifies variety, including variety in the ownership of organizations. In supply management, diversity typically means an organiation’s efforts to include different categories of suppliers in its sourcing process and active supply base and to address opportunities and challenges that arise from differences and similarities.

The Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD™) is a certification for supply management professionals whose responsibilities include supplier diversity and business professionals with responsibility for strategic diversity initiatives within their organization. The content of the CPSD™ Exam is based on the findings of a job analysis of supplier diversity positions. The 120 question exam tests on the results of this analysis including policies and planning, Sourcing/supplier development, finance/ budgeting, metrics/oversight, training and development and advocacy/marketing/outreach.

Q:What is cultural diversity in the workplace?

A: Defined as the cultural differences found within a certain group of people, cultural diversity in the workplace refers to ethic variety and cultural differences among employees of the same company. Cultural differences may vary according to values, norms, traditions, religious observances, beliefs and behavior.

Communication styles vary among cultures. For example, according to Diversity Resources, Inc., people from Asian cultures typically do not like to talk about failure or defeat. American culture, however, encourages exaggeration, which can lead to communication issues when a problem or setback arises.

The modern workplace continues to become increasingly diverse, which makes it necessary for companies to properly manage the cultural diversity among their employees. To this end, many companies have implemented cultural competency training. This training helps co-workers to respect the differences of one another and learn to work together despite differences in communication styles.

Diversity changes the way an organization manages its workforce in numerous ways. Not only do individuals from different faiths observe different holidays, individuals of some faiths follow strict prayer schedules, making it necessary for breaks to be given during these times. While most companies give time off for Christian holidays, they have begun to give time off to people of other faiths so they can observe their holidays as well.

Contact: Matthew A Bradshaw, C.P.M., Professional Development Chair: ISM-Houston
matt.bradshaw@ism-houston-org  Cell Phone: 281-677-7511

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