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How to Build and Wield Power While Generating Real Value

February 12, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Commercial Relationships

How to use power effectively

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Commercial relationships are changing, and it’s tempting to put your suppliers under pressure. An extreme focus on cost reduction can kill creativity and damage relationships throughout the value chain.

Visionary procurement leaders are acting differently, generating and using power effectively, truly collaborating…and seeing exceptional results. These experts will share some leading-edge ways they work to build remarkable commercial relationships.


Simon Brocklehurst, President and Founder at Commercial Solutions

Simon has a unique set of experience working with many of the world’s leading firms.  Experiencing business from almost every perspective he creates value by understanding how others see the world.

After working across industry for 14 years Simon led the Americas’ part in creating the world leader in negotiation.

Simon is passionate to help his clients solve their challenges in ways that are simple, flexible and engaging.

He has led projects as diverse as building Gas refineries to CPG strategy development, supplier rationalization to consumer communication. Building a clear, simple strategy and getting it implemented is at the core of everything he does.

Aaron Cleavinger, Managing Partner at Murdoch Mason Executive Search & Management Consulting

Aaron spent a career leading strategy, supply chain, procurement, operations, and enterprise initiatives at high growth retail and ecommerce companies.

He now heads Murdoch Mason, a leading executive search firm and a procurement strategy consultancy.

High values, exceptional results. He previously built and led top teams in strategic sourcing and procurement, corporate strategy, digital transformation, enterprise project management, inventory planning and allocation, energy management, and supply chain operations.

He enjoys venture investing, singing, travel, oxford commas, and subpar coaching of his sons’ sports teams. Aaron earned an MBA from Notre Dame and a bachelor’s degree from BYU.

How to Build and Wield Power While Generating Real Value

How to use power effectively
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