Emerging Professionals Group (EPG)

Emerging Professionals Group (EPG) is a committee within ISM-Houston that focuses on the development of Supply Management Professionals in the first ten years of their careers.

The committee benefits new Supply Management Professionals by providing an avenue for personal and professional growth and opening opportunities to learn about Supply Management beyond their jobs.

The Committees goals include:

  • External networking opportunities for career growth
  • Enhance supply management skill sets
  • Provide mentoring and coaching opportunities
  • Encourage involvement in the local Houston ISM Affiliate
  • Generate interest and awareness for ISM Certifications (CPSM, CSM, CPSD)

Please contact epg@ism-houston.org with any questions.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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The Emerging Professionals Group Mixer at Pub Fiction

The Emerging Professionals Group Mixer at St. Arnold's Brewery