What The Award Recognizes

The Outstanding Member of the Year Award was created in 1953 by the Purchasing Management Association of Houston—now ISM-Houston, Inc.—to recognize long standing members who continue to volunteer to help operate our organization while demonstrating superior leadership and managerial capabilities in achieving their assigned tasks.

Award Requirements

A nominee for the James O. Cox Award must be a regular member of ISM-Houston, Inc. for a minimum of ten consecutive years, must have served either as a voting member of the Board of Directors for at least two consecutive years or been Chair of a committee or combination of committees for at least 3 years. If a voting board member, they must have attended at least 7 of 10 board meetings in the same year. A sitting President is not eligible for this award during their presidential year.

The nominee must have:

a) Demonstrated leadership and managerial capabilities

b) Performed their assigned tasks

c) Attended a majority of the General Meetings

d) Active in ISM-Houston activities

To download your nomination form, please click on the link below.