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October 11, 2011 Keynote Speaker
     October 11, 2011 Keynote Speaker

     Dr. Russell Morey, CPSM, SCMP, MCIPS
     Professor Emeritus of Supply Chain Management
     Western Illinois University

Past, Present, and Future of Supply Management

Dr. Russell Morey has spent over 45 years in supply management/purchasing as a business
and academic professional. He has often questioned those analysts and authorities that
speak of “when we return to normal”.  Dr. Morey’s philosophy is that we never return to the
way it used to be after major changes in our domestic and global economy. His presentation
identifies a few of the past issues that has elevated purchasing/supply management to the
current level and provided a foundation for viewing issues and making responsible decisions
for the present and future.  He will also identify a few of the challenges and issues we need
to address in the future if our profession and organizations are to remain competitive.

Dr. Russell Morey is Professor Emeritus of Supply Chain Management at Western Illinois
University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in 1973, C.P.M. in 1976,
CPSM in 2009, SCMP  and MCIPS in 2010, and started his career in higher education at
Northwest Missouri State University  in 1966. Dr. Morey developed three businesses during
his career and is currently the President of Morey  and Associates, a professional training
organization.  He has conducted and teleconferenced numerous negotiations, certification,
and buyers training programs for more than 40 Fortune 500 Corporations in  Brazil, Canada,
China, England, Germany, Mexico, and the United States.  He has published numerous articles
and cases, and has given presentations at various regional, national, and international
conferences throughout the United States.  He was also a contributing author of an Introduction
To Management  textbook.  Dr. Morey has been listed in numerous Who’s Who publications
and has received over  100 awards and certificates of achievement for his contributions to
education and the supply management/purchasing profession.  He was selected as the
Outstanding Teacher in the College  of Business and received the Presidential Merit Award
from Western Illinois University.

Dr. Morey is  considered an authority in professional certification (C.P.M./CPSM) program,
having been one of the original presenters of the first C.P.M. Review Course sponsored by
ISM in 1977.  He has been  selected as the Pro-D Person of the Year, received the Henry L.
Brueggeman Award from ISM – Chicago, received the Wendell Freed Service Award from
ISM – Twin Cities, and the Outstanding Service Award from ISM-Chicago.  An annual
professional development award was also developed and presented in his name by
ISM – Chicago.