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Hello and Welcome to our 2014 - 2015 Program Year!

As my first insert into our website, I'd like to welcome back our current members from their summer activities. I hope your break was rewarding and your returning with batteries recharged and ready for the new year.  To new and prospective members visiting our site for the first time, I'm extending an open invitation to join us.  The Houston Affiliate of ISM is one of the fastest growing in the country and we're riding the dynamic wave of a vibrant economic tide generated by the force of what we call the city of Houston.  What an amazing city we are a part of and to be able to experience what truly is a historic period in our city's growth is an incredible opportunity.  I certainly am excited to be here and I want you to sense this as well.     

As supply chain professionals, it is imperative to understand the forces that swirl and change our organization and companies.  Running after purchase orders and playing clean-up after deals have already been made has not been acceptable in our profession for decades.  We, in supply chain, are agents of change and if our companies are to thrive we must help lead to new futures.  For most of us, the new futures that we read about a few years ago are already here.  Labor markets in the Gulf Coast are stretched and are struggling to respond to unbelievable expansions in construction, international trade, oil & gas, and petrochemicals.  What are we going to do?  If you're asking this question...you are already too late.  To help facilitate real discussions on the topic of economic change, we're dedicating the next three months (September, October, and November) to the economy. 

Our September Dinner Meeting will feature Patrick Jankowski of The Greater Houston Partnership and our own Vice President, Ross Harvison (Managing Director of the Intuitivum Group).  Both will deliver presentations designed to educate audiences on what's currently happening today in Houston's economy.

Our October Dinner Meeting will feature presentations from local staffing firms and a discussion panel of top Houston business leaders who will address how the economic impacts are affecting their business decisions today.  We'll be listening closely to how they plan to prepare for the future.  I look forward to topics of the current state of the Gulf's labor market and forecasted material needs.

Our last Dinner presentation will be November where we'll feature Kristina Cahill, Sr. ISM Analyst who's publication of the Report of Business, the famous "ROB Report", will discuss her insights into current and forecasted national economic news.  Our dinner presentation will be delivered by Mr. Norbert Ore, Director of Strategic Research, who will continue the discussion on the national economy and Houston's role and involvement.

We're all riding tidal waves of economic change in Houston and supply chain has proven critical to this success.  Continue the journey with us at ISM-Houston.  See our General Meeting 2014 - 2015 tab for more information.

See you soon,

Pat Goodrum

President ISM-Houston